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Our range of Antiblu®, Taratek® and other mould and sapstain control products provide effective protection from unsightly mould and sapstain on freshly sawn timber, logs, veneers and wood composites during transport and storage. The formulations are suitable for use on products that are destined for either the domestic or export markets. The products can be applied using spray application, dip or vacuum/ pressure impregnation providing additional flexibility. The period of protection will depend on the application method and the loading of chemical on the wood.

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Download: Sapstain Identification Prevention Dec 2016

Download: Mould Identification Prevention Treatment Sept 2016

Antiblu® CC Anti-sapstain (Asia, NZ)

Antiblu® CC Anti-sapstain is a robust sapstain and mould protection based on chlorothalonil and carbendazim.

  • Active ingredients formulated as a suspension concentrate for good holdout and weathering resistance once applied to the timber.
  • Suitable for short or medium term protection depending upon application rate.
  • Applied using either dip or spray application.

Download: Asia – Technical data sheet

Download: New Zealand – Technical data sheet

Antiblu® 375 Anti-sapstain (Asia, NZ)

Antiblu®  375 Anti-sapstain is a copper based formulation ideal for protection of packaging and industrial wood products.

  • Well proven and robust anti-sapstain treatment based on copper quinolinolate.
  • Reliable, cost effective and easy to use.
  • Suitable for short to medium term protection in domestic markets.

Download: Technical data sheet


Antiblu® Combo Anti-sapstain (Asia, NZ)

Antiblu® Combo Anti-sapstain is formulated by making a tank-mix solution of Antiblu® CC Anti-sapstain and Antiblu® 375 Anti-sapstain products. These two products work together to provide a high level of protection against sapstain and mould for challenging export conditions.

  • Combination copper, chlorothalonil and carbendazim for longer term and broad spectrum protection.
  • Ideal treatment for export green sawn timber.
  • Provides protection against stain and mould for up to 6 months.

Download: Technical data sheet

Taratek® Anti-sapstain (Aust, NZ)

Our Taratek® Anti-sapstain range offers metal free and EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) compliant sapstain protection products which provide temporary protection of freshly sawn timber destined for the domestic or export markets.

  • Taratek® products have a well-established history of successful sapstain control in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Formulated for control of sapstain and mould in freshly sawn timber, posts and veneers, using either dip or spray application.
  • Products for short, medium or long term protection depending upon your requirements.

Download: Taratek® IP  Technical data sheet

Download: Taratek® LT Technical data sheet

Sentry® Anti-sapstain (NZ)

Sentry® Anti-sapstain is a specialized mould and sapstain protection chemical developed for New Zealand’s burgeoning log export trade. High value pruned Radiata pine logs for manufacture of furniture and other appearance products in Asia require reliable protection during storage and shipping.

  • High performance mobile protection mechanism developed particularly for log processing.
  • Robust protection against stain and mould during international shipping.
  • Sentry® sets industry leading performance in this dynamic trade.

Download: Technical data sheet


Sentry® trademark is the property of Chemcolour Industries

Antiblu® Select Anti-sapstain (Aust)

Antiblu® Select Anti-sapstain is a cost effective general purpose anti-sapstain treatment for short term protection in the domestic market.

  • Metal free active ingredients formulated for low to moderate hazard conditions.
  • Suitable for control of sapstain and mould in freshly sawn Radiata pine timber or veneers.
  • Applied using either dip or spray.

Download: Technical data sheet

Tanamix™ Anti-mould (NZ)

Tanamix™ Anti-mould is an optimal mix of three highly effective isothiazolinone mouldicides intended as an additive to boost the anti-mould performance of other products including short term and permanent preservatives.

  • Cost effective anti-mould booster as a tank-mix additive.
  • Compatible with a wide range of anti-sapstain chemicals and other preservatives to improve mould resistance of the treated wood product.

Download: Technical data sheet

Tanagard™ Anti-mould (Asia)

Tanagard™ Anti-mould is a mixture of highly effective isothiazolinone mouldicides intended as an additive to boost the anti-mould performance of other preservatives such as Tanalith® E Wood Preservative and Tanalith® Q Wood Preservative.

  • Cost effective anti-mould booster as a tank-mix additive.
  • Compatible with a range of preservatives to improve mould resistance of the treated wood products.

Download: Technical data sheet

Vacsol® 500 SK Insecticide (Fiji, NZ)

Vacsol® 500 SK is a permethrin based insect control chemical that is often used with anti-sapstain and anti-mould treatments to discourage pine bark beetles and other insects from settling on freshly processed timber, particularly in spring and summer flight seasons.

  • Can be used for temporary or even permanent protection to timber against beetle borers and termites.
  • Compatible with a wide range of anti-sapstain products as a tank-mix additive for combined stain, mould and insect protection.

Download: Technical data sheet

Diaplex™ and SmartFlow™ Systems

Acquired in October 2015, Diacon Technologies provides industry leading anti-sapstain application systems to the North American sawmill industry with industry leading chemical application programs Diaplex™ and Smart Flow™.  These intelligent application systems are now available throughout the Asia Pacific region to give sawmill managers access to live treatment data for rapid troubleshooting and powerful analysis tools to ensure cost effective chemical application.

For further information about Diaplex™ and Smart Flow™ systems contact your local arxada support.



arxada’s anti-mould and anti-sapstain family products are industrial use preservatives only for application in dedicated wood processing facilities. They are not available for supply to the general public or to unauthorized sites. Contact arxada for further details on specific site and regulatory requirements.   Not all products are available in all locations or regions. Check with your local arxada representative for availability and regulatory status in your region.


All trademarks (with the exception of Sentry) belong to arxada and are registered in Australia, NZ or Asia. ©2021 arxada. Sentry ® trademark is the property of Chemcolour Industries.


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