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Boron is one of nature’s best wood preservatives and is ideal for the protection of many types of wood products.  It is economical, easy to use and effective against a very broad range of decay fungi, moulds and insect pests that can infect wood.

arxada offer the industry leading range of boron based wood preservatives for solid wood and timber products used in appearance and structural applications. Our boron wood preservative family of products can be applied by simple dipping processes through to fully automated pressure impregnation processes.

Our Brands Include:


Diffusol® Insecticide (Aust)

Certain hardwoods including some well-known Eucalyptus species where used as flooring and joinery are susceptible to beetle borers such as Lyctus borer which can affect the appearance and value of these premium timbers. Diffusol®  Insecticide is a boron based formulation that provides effective protection for the sapwood of susceptible hardwoods against borers.

  • Supplied as a liquid concentrate which is easy to dilute in water to the required strength for treatment.
  • Colourless, odourless and contains a mould inhibitor – does not affect appearance of the timber.
  • Applied by dip diffusion or using vacuum/pressure impregnation.

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Diffusol® Insecticide (NZ)

Diffusol® Insecticide is a traditional boron based treatment for New Zealand and is ideal for the dip treatment of green, off-saw timber.

  • Boron diffuses into green timber during storage.
  • Effective low cost protection against decay and borers for H1.2.
  • Treatment via dip, pressure or vacuum methods.

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Framebor® Preservative (NZ)

Framebor®  preservative is boron based and designed specifically for the treatment of kiln dry framing timber to New Zealand H1.2 level.

  • The ideal H1.2 treatment for Radiata pine and Douglas Fir framing.
  • Proprietary high solubility boron-based formulation.
  • Provides protection against fungal decay and insect borers.
  • Does not normally require re-drying with kiln dried timber and low uptake treatment schedules from LSI.

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Parachem® and Parabor™ Preservatives (Asia)

Parachem® and Parabor™ preservatives are boron based formulations for the protection of Rubberwood and other tropical hardwood timbers intended for furniture manufacture and other appearance uses against sapstain fungi and borers. The products are diluted in water and pressure treated into the timber with a vacuum pressure impregnation plant.

  • Provides highly cost effective protection against powder post beetle and sapstain.
  • Easy to use and does not affect colour or appearance of the timber.
  • Widely used in Rubberwood producing countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Suitable for other hardwood species that require protection against powder post beetles and sapstain fungi.
  • Supplied as white, flowable powder with solubility in water.

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Brightener™ Solution

Treatment of certain hardwoods with boron can result in accumulation of tannin and other dark coloured extractives from the wood in the treatment solution which produces a darkened appearance of wood after treatment.  Addition of Brightener™ Solution can clean up discoloured boron treatment preservatives quickly by deactivating those extractives. This results in a fresher and cleaner appearance of the treated wood.

Download: Technical data sheet

arxada’s family of boron products are industrial use preservatives only for application in dedicated wood processing facilities. They are not available for supply to the general public or to unauthorized sites. Contact arxada for further details on specific site and regulatory requirements. Not all products are available in all locations or regions. Check with your local arxada representative for availability and regulatory status in your region.


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