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Depending on building code and other statutes, wood products may need treatment to enhance resistance to fire. arxada has the industry leading fire protection programs for interior building timber and wood products used in exterior situations.

Our Brands Include:

Dricon® Fire Retardant


Dricon® Fire Retardant (Asia, Aust, NZ)

Whether you are using plywood or timber, Dricon® Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) wood has an unmatched record of protection against flame spread, smoke development, rot and decay.

Dricon® Fire Retardant, introduced to the US market in 1981, is a Class A fire retardant (as per ASTM E84 test method) and preservative intended for wood used in interior, weather-protected construction. Dricon® Fire Retardant is applied by standard pressure treatment process creating a built-in protection from both flame spread and smoke development that does not require maintenance. After treatment the wood should be carefully kiln dried back to construction timber moisture content levels.

When exposed to fire, Dricon® Fire Retardant automatically reacts with the combustible gases and tars normally generated by untreated wood, converting them to carbon char, with carbon dioxide and water. The surface char acts to insulate underlying wood, and the carbon dioxide and water vapour dilute the combustible gases to help reduce flame spread and smoke.

The only US-EPA registered fire retardant on the market, Dricon® Fire Retardant also contains a preservative component that prevents damage caused by termites and fungal decay, offering an extra level of peace of mind.

Fire Protection Family

arxada’s Fire Protection family products are industrial use preservatives only for application in dedicated wood processing facilities. They are not available for supply to the general public or to unauthorized sites. Contact arxada for further details on specific site and regulatory requirements.  Not all products are available in all locations or regions. Check with your local arxada representative for availability and regulatory status in your region.


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