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In much of the Asia Pacific region, termites and other insects are a significant risk for wood products in many situations for both short term and permanent needs. arxada offer the industry leading range of insect protection preservatives for solid wood, engineered wood and composite wood products to provide reliable protection against termites and other insect pests.

Available for insect protection only, or in combination with additional chemistry for mould and decay protection.

Our Brands Include:

Antiborer™ 10EC Insecticide (Asia)

Antiborer™ 10EC Insecticide is a cypermethrin based treatment formulated to protect logs and timber against beetles and other borers during processing, seasoning and storage.

  • Easy to use and highly effective against beetle borers and other borers during processing, seasoning and storage.
  • Dilutes readily in water or solvent carriers.

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Diffusol® Insecticide (Aust)

Certain hardwoods including some well-known Eucalyptus species where used as flooring and joinery are susceptible to beetle borers such as Lyctus borer which can affect the appearance and value of these premium timbers. Diffusol® Insecticide is boron based and provides effective protection for the sapwood of susceptible hardwoods against borers.

  • Supplied as a liquid concentrate which is easy to dilute in water to the required strength for treatment.
  • Colourless, odourless and contains a mould inhibitor – does not affect appearance of the timber.
  • Applied by dip diffusion or using vacuum/pressure impregnation.

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Vacsol® T Timber Insecticide (Aust)

Vacsol®  T Timber Insecticide is a permethrin based insect control preservative that is ideal for prevention of Lyctus borers and other insects from settling on freshly processed hardwood logs, poles and timber, particularly in spring and summer flight seasons.

  • Readily dilutes in water or solvent based carriers.
  • Applied using spray, dip or pressure impregnation plant.
  • Can be used for temporary, remedial or even permanent protection to timber against beetle borers and termites.

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Vacsol® T Solvent Concentrate (Aust)

When used as part of our Ultraframe® treatment system, Vacsol® T Solvent Concentrate is suitable for the protection of Radiata and Slash pine framing and engineered wood products used in all areas of Australia.

  • Solvent based carrier system for dimensional stability.
  • The Ultraframe® system provides the most robust termite protection available.
  • Ultraframe® can only be produced by impregnation in a vacuum pressure treatment plant.
  • By convention, full penetration treated wood products using the Ultraframe® system are coloured red for easy identification.

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Vacsol® 500 SK Insecticide (NZ)

Vacsol® 500 SK Insecticide is a permethrin based insect control chemical that is often used with anti-sapstain and anti-mould treatments to discourage pine bark beetles and other insects from settling on freshly processed timber, particularly in spring and summer flight seasons.

  • Can be used for temporary or even permanent protection to timber against beetle borers and termites.
  • Compatible with a wide range of anti-sapstain products as a tank-mix additive for combined stain, mould and insect protection.

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Permatek® 100 Encaps Insecticide (Asia, Aust, NZ)

Permatek® 100 Encaps Insecticide is a glue or resin additive for veneer laminated and reconstituted wood products such as LVL, plywood, strandboard, particle board and MDF.

  • Incorporates bifenthrin providing highly effective protection against termites and other insects for all wood based products
  • Incorporates unique, robust capsule suspension technology, where the active ingredient is encapsulated in a specially formulated polymeric wall to form discrete droplets.
  • Encapsulation technology means that the active ingredient can better handle harsh conditions such as, high pH, pressure and temperature that are typical in engineered and composite wood manufacture.
  • Over 10 years history as an H2 glue line additive treatment in the engineered wood market.

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Tanalith® Ti Insecticide (Aust)

Tanalith® Ti Insecticide provides effective protection against termites and European House Borer for framing timber and other wood products used south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

  • Water based preservative – highly cost effective and easy to use.
  • Applied using spray application or dip system
  • Suitable for engineered wood products, reconstituted boards and softwood structural timber products.
  • Coloured blue for easy identification of envelope “blue pine” treatment suitable for use South of the Tropic of Capricorn.

In Western Australia the European House Borer (EHB) is a notifiable pest whose control and management is regulated by the West Australian Department of Agriculture (see


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Glusect™ Insecticide (Asia)

Glusect™ Insecticide is a cypermethrin based glue line additive that is particularly effective for protection of hardwood veneer based plywood from insect (borer) attack. Glusect® insecticide is added directly to the adhesive mix to produce plywood.

  • Glusect™ Insecticide has been tested in Australia and shown to be extremely effective in preventing attack by Lyctus beetles.
  • Addition of Glusect™ Insecticide at recommended dosage does not affect the plywood bonding strength.

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Parachem® and Parabor™ Preservatives (Asia)

Parachem® and Parabor™ Preservatives are boron based formulations for the protection of Rubberwood and other tropical hardwood timbers intended for furniture manufacture and other appearance uses against sapstain fungi and borers. The products are diluted in water and pressure treated into the timber with a vacuum pressure impregnation plant.

  • Provides highly cost effective protection against powder post beetle and sapstain.
  • Easy to use and does not affect colour or appearance of the timber.
  • Widely used in Rubberwood producing countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Suitable for other hardwood species that require protection against powder post beetles and sapstain fungi.
  • Supplied as white, flowable powder with solubility in water.

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arxada’s insect and termite protection family of products are industrial use preservatives only for application in dedicated wood processing facilities. They are not available for supply to the general public or to unauthorized sites. Contact arxada for further details on specific site and regulatory requirements. Not all products are available in all locations or regions. Check with your local arxada representative for availability and regulatory status in your region.


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