Preservative Product Families

Lonza has pioneered the development of a wide variety of preservative products and application technologies to provide the very best short and long term protection of wood products against mould, stain, decay and insect attack.

Antiblu® and Anti-mould Families

Treatments applied using spray or dip application for short term control of moulds and stains in freshly felled logs, wood and timber products.

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Glue Line and Engineered Wood Family

Lonza offers the industry leading range of insect and decay protection preservatives for engineered wood and composite wood products.

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Insecticides and Termiticides Family

Lonza offer a range of insect protection preservatives for freshly felled logs, wood and timber products.

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Boron Family

Diffusible boron treatments for protection against attack from insects and decay in freshly felled logs, wood through to structural timber products.

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Vacsol® Family

Lonza’s Vacsol® product family are a range of non-metal based preservatives for appearance, structural and engineered wood products.

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Tanalith® Family

Lonza’s Tanalith® family is a range of metal based water borne preservatives for demanding outdoor, agricultural and utility wood products.

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Fire Protection Family

Lonza has the industry leading fire protection programs for interior building timber and wood products used in exterior situations.

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Timber Care Family

Our range of brush and spray applied products for the protection of treated and untreated timbers by the end user.

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