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A Trusted Partnership

Fraser Steele, MD of Glenalmond Timber, suppliers of high performance timber engineered products, highlights the importance of assured preservative protection within his business and the trust relationship he has with his suppliers.

Glenalmond Timber Company uses VACSOL low pressure wood preservative treatment

‘Timber is increasingly being recognised as our ‘go to’ construction material of the future. Not only from its versatility and natural performance characteristics but also as a sound and responsible environmental choice. But one thing that is becoming ever more critical is the preservative protection we add to our harvested timbers. We need to provide the very best long term endurance that further enhances the environmental credentials of using timber.’

‘We have always looked for the most assured preservative protection for the construction timbers we manufacture to protect against the threat of decay or insect attack. That involves partnering with a supplier that we can trust. It gives ourselves and our customers real confidence in the long term, every day performance of the timbers. This includes our customers that use us for service preservative treatments of their own timbers.’

‘VACSOL wood preservatives from Lonza have been at the core of our business for 30 years now, giving us a safe platform to develop innovative timber based construction systems that will have up to 60 year service life performance in new construction projects.’

‘That loyalty to the VACSOL brand is based on various key elements from the Lonza business. First of all we know that the VACSOL preservative works as a cost effective and reliable protection. It has tried, tested and proven biocidal ingredients that are regulatory authorised with long term approvals to help future proof our business. We receive regular updates concerning potential regulatory changes and there is always timely development and implementation of compliant solutions which will not only do the job in terms of preservative protection but are also safe to humans, animals and our environment.’

‘The latest VACSOL 6118 product also has an innovative booster technology to really enhance its protection credentials. Lonza believe it to be one of the most effective technologies they have ever developed to give a real world protection out there where it really matters.’

‘Secondly, Lonza has a range of dedicated support services that we can draw on when required. From experienced engineers and software developers to help ensure the smooth running of our treatment operation, through to technical analysis and on-site reviews of our treatment solutions and treated timbers that confirm the correct compliance to industry specifications. Add to that a pro-active marketing team with advice and design assistance to help take our products to market.’

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