New Treated Timber Colour Technology

April 21st 2021

With specifiers and consumers increasingly wanting more colour options for their treated construction and garden timbers, we have launched TANALITH LIFESTYLE – a new range of in-solution colours for TANALITH preservative treatments.

The images of treated cladding shown above are for illustrative purposes only.

Available in three contemporary colours – Brown, Dark Brown and Grey – the TANALITH LIFESTYLE range is designed as an adaptable and easy to use additive to regular TANALITH preservative treatments of Use Class 3 and Use Class 4 pine construction, fencing and landscaping timbers.

Andy Hodge, Marketing Director at Lonza, explains the thinking behind the new TANALITH LIFESTYLE technology:

‘Our existing TANATONE brown colourants for use with TANALITH preservative have proved to be incredibly popular and successful with our customers to give their markets a different initial colour choice to their high pressure treated timbers. However, we have been increasingly asked for an improved longevity to the colours as well as the inclusion of a new grey colour option, which is very much in-vogue.

The new TANALITH LIFESTYLE products will sit alongside the existing TANATONE range and provide a high performance colourant option, specially developed to give longer colour life when used with our TANALITH preservative. We are confident that the new TANALITH LIFESTYLE colours will have a typical colour life of up to two years, depending upon location and exposure to UV light, as well as still allowing the treated timbers to achieve the usual desired service life expectations from a preservative point of view.’

To find out more, visit the dedicated TANALITH LIFESTYLE page – click here.