Tanalith® E wood preservative

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With decades of real world testing across numerous aggressive, independent field trials, Tanalith® E provides proven protection for high pressure treated timber.

Tanalith® E is particularly effective for exterior applications for building, fencing, landscaping, garden and engineering timbers.

BPR Authorised

Tanalith® E is a water-based preservative with BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) authorisation, passing all necessary environmental, human and animal health risk assessments.

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BARamine® – unique application technology

The patented BARamine® application technology helps to ensure the long-term performance of Tanalised® timbers by improving penetration and enhancing anti-aging properties.

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Desired Service Life

Tanalised® timbers for exterior use provide a desired service life of 15 to 30 years, depending on end-use application. For construction timbers, the desired service life can reach up to 60 years.


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Colour Technologies

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Tanalised® treated timbers have an initial pale green colour as standard and upon external exposure, will slowly weather to a warm, honey brown and, in the longer-term to a natural silver grey colour. To add colour to the treated timbers, we offer Tanatone® and Tanalith® Lifestyle.

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The Ideal High-Pressure Treatment for:

Tanalith treated timber end uses

Nationally Recognised

Tanalith® E products are approved by the following nationally recognised wood preservation schemes:

The Tanalith® Treatment Process

A simple animation of the high pressure treatment process using Tanalith® E wood preservative

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More about Tanalith®

Access guidance on specification and treated timber from the Tanalith® Knowledge Centre or visit our local support page to find contact details for the Tanalith representative in your region.

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