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Our modern TANALITH wood preservative is based on a unique combination of copper and triazole biocides. TANALITH has over 20 years of proven performance in protecting timbers around the world against the threat of decay or insect attack. Particularly those used in ground contact applications. Our patented BARamine application technologies add to these impressive performance credentials of TANALITH. BARamine application technologies deliver more consistent and effective preservative penetration into the timbers. This combination delivers an even greater assured, long term protection for all treated timber end uses. Latest generation TANALITH is applied in a controlled, high pressure industrial process. It leaves the treated timbers with an initial pale green colouration that blends into any outdoor environment. Over time the TANALITH treated timbers slowly weather to a warm honey-brown colour and eventually to a natural silver grey. Further technical details are available in our Knowledge Centre.

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What is BARamine?

BARamine is a proprietary, patented and award winning technology developed by us. It is a blend of several components that work together to offer increased protection against certain emerging copper tolerant fungi. These fungi can attack timbers, particularly at ground contact level. BARamine improves preservative penetration and distribution into the timbers. It also provides a solution management system that ensures the preservative actives are balanced correctly every time timber is treated. BARamine adopts innovative technologies that boost and stabilise the core TANALITH preservative. It contains non- traditional ingredients some of which have never been used in the wood protection industry before. BARamine will continue to be applied in a range of our products over the next few years.

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