Tanalith Family

Tanalith® water-based preservative treatments extend the service life of wood through long-term protection against wood decay and insect attack. The Tanalith® brand is a globally recognised high-pressure wood preservative.

Today, the Tanalith® family comprises of Tanalith® E, Tanatone®, Tanalith® Lifestyle and Tanalith® MF to meet the evolving needs of the specifiers and consumer trends.

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Celebrating 30 Years Proven Performance

A unique combination of copper and organic biocides, Tanalith® E is ideal for building, cladding, decking, fencing and leisure wood applications.

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Tanalith® MF

Tanalith® MF is both metal-free and VOC-free and provides effective protection to above ground cladding and other timber construction materials.


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Tanatone® is a dye base colour additive that is incorporated with Tanalith® preservative into a standard, single stage, high pressure treatment process.

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Tanalith® Lifestyle

Long lasting, high performance colour additive technologies for use with Tanalith® high pressure preservative treatments.

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Latest News:September 23rd 2021

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