Tanasote® – celebrated for its innovative approach to wood preservation

September 23rd 2021

The timber industry is hardworking, passionate and always looking at ways to drive forward. Each year, both the Timber Trades Journal (TTJ) and the Wood Protection Association (WPA) celebrate this through their annual Awards. At this years’ WPA Awards we were delighted that Tanasote® – a hot oil based wood preservative containing copper and innovative organic co-biocides – was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award. The previous week, at the 25th TTJ Awards, Tanasote® was commended for its environmental benefits to the timber industry by being one of the finalists for the Environmental Achievement Award.

With the safety and environmental credentials of Creosote being under severe review for quite some time, especially in Europe and the UK, it’s crucial that a modern day alternative is available. Tanasote® is that modern-day alternative.

An innovative preservative system

With modern Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorised actives, Tanasote® has been introduced to the market to help ensure that high performance heavy duty timbers are not replaced by other carbon intensive materials, such as steel, concrete and plastic. Purposely designed to deliver a service life of 40 years plus*, whilst minimising the risk of early failures, Tanasote® has been developed to be used for timbers that endure the most demanding environments such as utility poles and railway sleepers.

Dr Stephen Uphill, Technical Lead – Application & Innovation for the Wood Protection business, commented upon being awarded the WPA Innovation Award: “If the timber industry is to keep wood as a primary material of choice in important high risk applications, it needs to be bold and adopt modern and innovative BPR approved alternatives that will confidently deliver both high performance and sustainability.

“Tanasote is an exciting and proven alternative that will meet these criteria. An innovative preservative system from our experienced development team, it is designed to meet the future needs of the high performance timber sectors.”

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