Vacsol Family

With timber increasingly being specified as an alternative low carbon construction material , it is crucial that it is properly protected against fungal and insect attack.

To help protect timber used for building and joinery components, we have developed the VACSOL range of water-based wood preservatives.

Designed as a low pressure preservative treatment, VACSOL provides long-term performance for low to medium risk interior and exterior construction and joinery timbers used above damp proof course level.

To help timber treaters confirm to their end customers that the timbers have been preservative treated we offer a range of colour treatment markers.


New VACSOL 6118

With full BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) authorisation, VACSOL Aqua 6118 is metal-free, VOC free and has an innovative booster technology to provide long-term protection.

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Working with our customers we share a common passion – to make wood perform as best it can. With a focus on continuous product and service development, we are dedicated to future proofing the timber industry.

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