Green Star Certification Success

After undergoing rigorous assessments, both Tanalith®E and Vacsol® Azure® wood preservatives were independently verified by Ecospecifier Global  as likely to contribute to the achievement of Green Building rating credits. The growing awareness of  Green Star certification in South Africa has placed both Tanalith® E and Vacsol® Azure®  in a good position to provide professionals with green rated options in specifying treated wood products.

JJ du Plessis, senior business manager at Arch Wood Protection South Africa explains why the Green Star certification is important to the business:

“As a global leader in wood preservation, Arch Wood Protection supports sustainable building through the promotion of quality treated wood. Because of its ability to store carbon throughout its lifetime, wood plays a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. But we also understand that equally important is the need for green rated wood preservatives that contribute to the green building rate system. This endorsement has been instrumental in building product confidence and is a clear indication of our stance and commitment to provide solutions that ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

For more than 80 years Tanalith® and Vacsol® branded wood preservatives have led the way in the pressure treatment of wood in the international marketplace. They are globally recognised brands which have a proven successful history, when applied to standard in good quality wood. To find out more about click here.

Latest News:August 11th 2021

Green Star Certification Success

Tanalith® E and Vacsol® Azure® have been independently verified by Ecospecifier Global and acheived Green Star certification.