Wood Protection Products

Pressure Treated Products for the long-term protection of timber

Our range of Tanalith® and Vacsol® branded wood preservatives have lead the way in the pressure treatment of timber for more than 60 years. Our products extend the service life of timber. Tanalith® treated products are used extensively in agricultural, building, fencing , structural timber and utility poled for electricity distribution networks. Vacsol® treated timbers are used in building and joinery applications.

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Short-term and non-pressure treated products

Our Antiblu® and Antiborer products can provide short or medium-term protection to wet or sawn timber and freshly felled logs, seasoned logs, poles, posts, and timber in both spray and dip applications.


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Latest News:August 11th 2021

Green Star Certification Success

Tanalith® E and Vacsol® Azure® have been independently verified by Ecospecifier Global and acheived Green Star certification.