Tanalith Case Study

A training workshop, conducted by Lonza Wood Protection at Mintroad Sawmills, reaffirmed the importance of sales staff understanding the treatment process and hazard applications when selling Tanalith® E and Tanalith® C treated wood. One of the biggest challenges faced by treaters is the incorrect use of treated products according to their hazard specification. As a result, premature wood decay leaves the customer disillusioned and thinking that the product has not delivered on its promise.

Roy Smith, Owner of Mintroad Sawmills, said, “Our main concern when selling treated timber is ensuring that the customer purchases the right product for the job. To achieve this, our sales staff needs to know what questions to ask during a sale, which means having an in-depth understanding of Lonza’s products and their specifications”.

For example, a nursery may incorrectly purchase treated poles appropriate for a hazard class H3 application for a shaded area when in fact their requirement is a hazard class H4 application for in-ground use because they are watering their seedlings twice daily, causing the wood to rot beneath the surface. Another common problem addressed at the training session was the purchase of longer poles that are trimmed to size, leaving the cut end unsealed and exposed to decay beneath the ground.

“It is scenarios like these that can make or break a customer’s confidence in Tanalith® E and Tanalith® C wood preservatives,” explained Doug Sayce, General Manager of Lonza Wood Protection. “With this in mind, we make it a priority to invest our time and resources in providing all the necessary training and after-sales support for our customers. Through this we believe that a wider confidence in and use of timber products can be achieved”.

The training went one step further when a second session was held to assist the sales staff of Builders Warehouse, who are a key customer of Mintroad Sawmills.  The main objective of this session was to create an interactive education platform that could provide a basic understanding of the treatment process.

Smith added that while he tries to impart as much of his knowledge as possible to his sales staff, the training provided by Lonza’s technical team makes this task much easier for him. “Our longstanding relationship with Lonza has built tremendous confidence in their expertise and products. Their professional approach and ability to explain the basics and more technical topics in an easy to understand format is a valuable service that motivates our sales staff and gets them excited about selling Tanalith® E and Tanalith® C treated wood products”.

Latest News:August 11th 2021

Green Star Certification Success

Tanalith® E and Vacsol® Azure® have been independently verified by Ecospecifier Global and acheived Green Star certification.