Pressure Treament Products

Tanalith® and Vacsol® range of preservative products

Wood is the most versatile product nature has to offer. However, it can also be vulnerable to the effects of the weather, wood decay and insect attack. TANALITH® and VACSOL® preservative treatments extend the service life of your wood and help maintain its natural appearance. Timbers treated with TANALITH® can be used with confidence in both above-ground and in-ground situations including construction, fencing, landscaping and engineering applications. Timbers treated with VACSOL® are designed for above-ground general building applications.

TANALITH® and VACSOL® products have been tried, tested and proven to effectively extend the service life of your wood and let you enjoy it for longer.

The Treatment Process

A simple animation of the high pressure treatment process using TANALITH wood preservative

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The next generation of Tanalith® preservatives is ideal for environmentally sensitive applications.

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Metal free preservative products available in Ready to Use and concentrate formulations. Vacsol® Azure is the first choice in clear finished preservatives.

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Tanalith®C (CCA)

Tanalith® C the traditional choice and market leading product in Africa for robust applications.

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Latest News:August 11th 2021

Green Star Certification Success

Tanalith® E and Vacsol® Azure® have been independently verified by Ecospecifier Global and acheived Green Star certification.